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How much is it to hire Image Models on the PartiStaff Ibiza platform?

PartiStaff charges a minimum of 200 euro per image model for events up to 5 hours. Our Image models will lift the atmosphere of your event and get the party started. They will serve drinks and most of all, look great! This fee is only charged after you have decided on the ideal candidate for your party. You will post your job for free, entering credit card info for a 1 euro charge so we can verify your payment method. You can then post your job which is convenient and fast. In minutes you will receive applications from models who represent the best agencies on the island. At this point you choose a pack that suits your needs. The higher packs are for those who want concierge services and instant party booking when in a rush. PartiStaff Ibiza will cater to all your needs, from making your party one to remember, to club reservations at the best spots in town, organizing boat hire, villa hire, DJ’s, performers and anything else you can think of. It’s easy, it’s fun, and what would a celebration be without models to enjoy your party with!

How do I pay for the Models?

Payment can be paid directly to the staff in cash on arrival, or you can choose to pay on card to make it easy and seamless. You can request extensions with the models if you want the party to continue and this can be paid in cash to the girl at the time of extension. When you choose the gold or diamond packs, you will attract the best models, and diamond members will be serviced by an account manager to take any organization out of your hands. They will ensure the models know where to go, what to wear and what to expect. Your account manager is able to organise everything for you so you can rock up and have a great time!

How do I post a job?

Simply click SIGN UP which takes about 30 seconds, and then Post your Job, it’s easy and quick - you’ll be taken through a quick process to complete details of your job. The more info you provide the more applications you will receive. Models like to know the environment they’ll be partying in, so provide them as much details in the description as possible. Once your job is listed, notifications are immediately sent to every model on the island, meaning quick response time for applications and voila, you choose the best model or models for the job. Gold and Diamond memberships have greater features like INSTANT PARTY bookings where models will arrive within the hour. Also if you choose the Diamond member pack you will attract the best and hottest models on the island. A worthy investment!

How does the process of hiring staff work?

Once you have posted your job and selected the pack that suits you, you can message the models any information or questions you may have. Once booked, the model receives your ph number 5 hours before the job in case they have any questions about location or required dress or service. Once you have hired all your models you can group message all booked models in one message - it’s fast and takes the work out of going back and forth. All models in the group chat see the message or each other's questions - they can organize to travel and arrive together, meaning they all arrive on time. Then it’s time to sit back, wait for your models to arrive and get the party started!

How do I get staff contact details?

No need to worry about this. The model is provided with your number 5 hours before the job. PartiStaff is designed to take the work away from you whilst providing you an unforgettable fun experience that only female energy can provide! You can send a group message if you have hired multiple staff which all booked models see to make the process seamless.

How does the INVITE STAFF function work?

You can invite as many people to apply for your job as you like, but the first to ACCEPT the invitation is awarded the job. For example if you posted a job for 5 models, and invited 100 to your event, the first 5 models to accept are awarded the job. Easy. If you are a GOLD or DIAMOND member you can post an INSTANT PARTY job which shows to the staff as a party right now. They will then arrive within the hour, with no further communication required. In addition these packs allow you to see who is ONLINE NOW and AVAILABLE, whereas the standard package does not have any of these features. You will find you don’t need to use the invite function unless you have a specific preference for a particular model, as the applications will come thick and fast. Choices choices!! Lucky you.

How do I choose the best models?

Staff will apply after you post your job, so the best way to choose staff is via the Applications that arrive, as these are the staff that are available to work at that time, day, and rate of pay that you offered. We have a minimum rate of 200 euro per girl per job, for up to 5 hours. If you want the best of the best, offering more money will attract these models. The best staff apply to customers who are DIAMOND members.

How do I search for staff by name?

You are able to search by name on the site easily and find the model that’s the perfect fit for your event. Easy!

What if the staff cancel after accepting my job?

If a staff member cancels after being booked, you will receive an immediate refund of the 200 hold on your card, a text message alerting you of the cancellation, and your job will immediately go live again for other models to apply. No loss, there are always more models on the island keen to meet, chat, experience a great day and bring their A game. The best way to ensure staff do not cancel is to provide as much as you can about your event in the description, after all, everyone likes to know what they are walking into. All staff are vetted and educated to not cancel, so if you do receive a cancellation there is probably a very good reason. Staff who cancel are penalized financially so it is not in their interest to do so, plus they love meeting new people and having fun, and the cancel rate is super low.

What if I want to cancel a staff?

If you cancel a staff booking within 48 hours of the job, 100 euro from your holding deposit is kept to compensate for the model. If you cancel within 24 hours you will lose the 200 deposit which will also be used to compensate the model, as it’s busy and she would have found another job. It is obviously an inconvenience for everyone, so as such, your payment is forfeited, including any booking fees. However if you are not able to contact the staff member you booked, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will either contact them or cancel on their behalf, generating a refund for you.

What if I can't get in contact with the model after booking them?

Contact us at [email protected] or call Ade on +34 685 98 79 32 and we will cancel the booking for you, providing you with a full refund. We will also assist you in finding someone new and awesome to work at your party!

What if the staff don't turn up?

This does happen from time to time, as people can get sick and things happen. It’s life.. However all models understand the penalties of not showing up - they are fined 100 euro and removed from the system. Just ensure your address is clear as Ibiza can be complicated to get around. Perhaps ask them to contact you on whatsapp and drop a pin to avoid any confusion for the model.

Do I pay the staff at the beginning or end of the shift?

If you have chosen to pay the models in cash, get it out of the way early at the start of the shift so money is not an issue, and the good times are the focus!

If you have posted a job by card there is no need to discuss payment, as the model is aware payment will come after the job, direct to their bank account.

Can I extend the hours?

Yes of course you can. We are sure the staff would like to be around for longer so they can earn some more. The end of the shift is a good time to pull them aside, negotiate an amount everyone is happy with, and keep the party going. We recommend 50 euro an hour as a base rate for extensions.

How do I get started?

Click SIGN UP and follow the prompts to post your event. Applications will come in fast and it’s up to you to choose a pack, and lock in the models you want by clicking ACCEPT. It’s always a good precaution to send a quick message to ask how long they will be or ask them to wear sexy clothes or a club or a bikini for villa and boat parties.

How do I hire staff at very short notice?

Gold and Diamond packs have the ability to see who is available RIGHT NOW - so you can invite as many models as you want immediately - and remember the first ones to accept are booked for the number of positions you have, then your job is closed off to others. The other way is to post an INSTANT PARTY job which tells models they need to be with you within an hour - this is also a feature reserved for the higher GOLD and DIAMOND tier customers. DIAMOND members will always receive the best response by numbers and quality. You guys know what’s up!


How do I collect payment?

When you click Find Jobs and the list appears - you will notice either CASH jobs or Card Jobs.

Cash jobs are paid to you in full up front, and it’s your responsibility to ask for this soon after arrival (straight away can come across a bit money hungry!)

When you apply for a card job, you don’t need to worry about asking for the cash, you just get straight into lifting the atmosphere of the party, knowing the agreed amount will be sent direct to your bank after the job.

For card payments we guarantee all job earnings, so never worry that you may not be paid.

How can I be sure I will get paid?

PartiStaff guarantees all staff CARD ONLY payments. We have already placed over 42,000 jobs and ensured that everybody has been paid for their services. If you have any questions or concerns, please just contact us.

How can I get a job?

Firstly, Add mixture of 5 quality photos to your profile, ensuring they look great, are professional, and above all appropriate for boat parties, villa parties or being taken out to a show or club. We recommend bikinis pics for the boats and villa parties, as well as dressed up photos if you want to be taken to shows, restaurants and clubs. Ensure when applying for a job you write to the host to show off your personality and build a trust relationship. Once you have your first 5 star review, the jobs will start flowing in.

How do I apply to PartiStaff?

Click SIGN UP ,add the required details like nationality, dob, and a good bio that shows your personality. Add the best pictures you can as a picture tells a thousand words!. Your application will then be sent to the admin team for approval or not, so put in your A game and stand out!

We also run casting calls where you can come and meet the team, find out how the platform works, and have professional photos taken for your profile. Keep a lookout for the next one coming up.

How do I remove / delete my profile?

If you wish to remove your profile altogether, login and at the bottom of your account info press cancel account. Thank you for being with us, we wish you the best for the future!d We are also moving to other countries like Bali, Tulum, UK and the US, so if you have built up great reviews perhaps just take a break, or you’ll need to setup a new profile down the line and will lose all your reviews.

What should I wear?

If it’s a boat party, you know what to do. Pack your bikini! The same goes for a villa party, dress up and dress to impress, and always pack your bikini.

Often a client will describe the dress code in the description, so ensure you read the event description before applying.

As always, if you bring your A game and dress to impress, you’re already on winning and on your way to a great 5 star review, which will be noticed, get your more jobs, and rank you higher in search results.

How do I contact the client in the booking process?

You will receive the customers phone number 5 hours before the job. Alternatively if outside these hours you can message them direct to confirm you’ll be there on time or ask any questions you may have.

Never attend a job unless you have been booked. Some new clients will not understand they need to book you, but if they don’t book there is no deposit held and we cannot guarantee your payment.

Please note you are by no means to keep in contact and do private bookings with clients. Failure to follow these rules will result in your profile being removed for good.

In addition, do not take friends on jobs unless they are also booked on the job. This will also see your account removed, and the earnings forfeited.

Once booked, if I can no longer make it, how do I cancel?

You MUST cancel on the website, or you will be marked as a NO SHOW, penalised 100 euro and removed from the platform. We seek to be reliable for customers so no shows are not acceptable.

If you cancel as soon as you know you can not make the job, you may avoid cancellation fees if outside 48 hours of the start time.

If I agree to do a job then do not turn up, will that affect my ranking on the website?
Yes! You will be penalised 100 euro and removed from the platform. Always cancel if you cannot make it, even if it’s last minute.

It’s also good practice to message the client apologizing that you can no longer make it and hope to work with them again.

What is expected of me when on jobs?

After every job, you receive a review out of 5 for the quality of work you have done. So remember that this is a job. Never spend the shift on your phone. Engage, get proactive, ensure the drinks are kept up, tidy up, chat away and get paid to party!

Taking reels or posting to IG whilst on jobs, tagging #PartiStaffIbiza is generally expected at least once during the job. We are all in this to help each other, and the more you do this the more jobs there will be for you to earn.

Placing your PartiStaffIbiza URL in your Instagram profile is a great way of getting booked also, and those who do this will get VIP model status, attracting more jobs and more money.

What happens if the client wants to extend the booking?

Our advice whether you can or can't extend, is to request payment at that point. Extending is fine, it means more money for you, so if you're agreeable, then get paid and party on! We mean work… no smiles, work! Just remember to keep the drinks flowing and the place tidy.

I've arrived at a job and don't feel comfortable. Can I leave?

Absolutely. If you are not comfortable, trust your instincts and please contact Ade on +34 685 98 79 32 and explain the situation. We will arrange to have you picked if necessary. We certainly do not want you to be in harm's way at any time, but remember we are just a platform to connect you to people needing to hire models, so we cannot be physically at the job to oversee it. It is up to you to ask enough questions to feel comfortable, message the client prior to the event and find out more so you know exactly what to expect before you arrive. If that's just not the case and you want to leave, please always speak with the person who hired you and let him or her know you are not comfortable and would like to leave.

The job isn't as advertised, what can I do?

Once booked for a job, we encourage all staff to message the client that day or the next to find out more information about the job. It is up to you to find out what's expected. If, in the event you turn up to a job and it is just not what was advertised at all, you have a choice. Firstly, speak to the client and explain what you expected as opposed to what it is, and see if you can agree to a middle ground that you are both happy with. You are already there, so we encourage you to make the most of it and earn some money. If you’re not comfortable still, please see the FAQ above and contact Ade who will arrange for you to be picked up if necessary. Your safety is 100% our priority.

What should I do if a client tries to contact me after a job booked with PartiStaff?

We recommend doing nothing i.e. not replying. At times, clients will try to rebook you not using the system, but this way, you will not obtain a review for your job profile and payment cannot be guaranteed as it is not through the website. Note that your payment can only be guaranteed when each individual job is booked using the PartiStaff booking system. If you need to verify this, log in to your profile and ensure that the job is in your Booked Jobs tab.

In addition, we have client liaison officers who follow up with all clients, and we do not condone working for PartiStaff clients without being booked, and if this happens your profile will be immediately removed.

When is payment not guaranteed by PartiStaff?

If you accept a job but are not booked using the proper process, we cannot guarantee your payment. So you should always encourage the client to BOOK you before discussing where to meet for a job etc.. check your Job Dashboard to ensure the job in question is in your Booked Jobs tab. PartiStaff does not condone you agreeing to do a job with someone who gives their number to you outside of the system (or email). As this is outside the agreed terms of working at PartiStaff, we will not guarantee payment under these circumstances.

And in the same way, you are not permitted to pass any contact details to PartiStaff clients, including IG, Snapchat or your phone number.

How is my ranking determined?

Staff are ranked by receiving 5 star reviews from clients, as well as those most actively logging into the system. This will see your profile on the first page and more likely to be booked.